How It Works

  • Tap to book Book a Ride / Place Order for Parcel
  • Get Driver Details Get connected to the nearest driver/parcel delivery professional
  • Track the Driver/Delivery Take a look at the route the driver is taking to reach you. Trace his exact location and guide him if necessary.
  • Done – Enjoy the Service Get a unique ride experience / get parcel delivered.

Get the App

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Want to enjoy the app that gives you both a convenient ride as well as a unique delivery both at the same time? Then download this app! It is simple and easy to use! Available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Quick Rides that are Safe and Deliveries that are Unforgettable

Whether you book a ride from us or place an order from us, we will assure you a ride in the shortest available time and delivery experience that will be unforgettable.

Safe and Secure Payment

Our safe and secure methods of payment will ensure that when you pay for your ride or for your parcel delivery, your payment remains secure with us.

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Call To Book

Aren’t you too tech-savvy? Just call us and book your Ride or Delivery and be assured of a parcel delivery at the same speed as when you book ride or when you order a parcel delivery from our app.